LED panel 300x1200 40W silver frame

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LED panel 300x1200mm 40W with 5 years warranty

Kelvin                            Luminous efficiency       Lumen

2800-3400k                   75LM/W                        3000LM

3800-4500k                   80LM/W                        3200LM

5600-6200k                   85LM/W                        3400LM

Type Lamp: LED Panel                                     Light angle: 120°

Burning hours: 50,000 hours                             Dimensions: 295x1195x11.3mm (lxwxh)

Watt: 40W                                                          Energy label: A +  

Voltage: 200-240V                                             CRI: Ra> 80

Led type: SMD4014                                           Power Factor: 0.9                                

Quality mark: CE, RoHS, TUV                          Dimmable: optional

This LED panel(300x1200mm/40w) spreads the light neatly over a 120 degree beam angle, making it perfect for any kind of commercial use where you have a large, open area like an office

Everything in your office appears very close to its true colour, as if it was under natural light thanks to a CRI on our panel light of over 80.

This LED panel is suitable for installation in a system ceiling to replace a fluorescent panel or for free hanging installation on the ceiling.

You could even use it in places where there is a lot of water, such as large kitchen as it comes equipped with an IP41 rating. This protects it against foreign bodies larger than 1mm, and splashes of water from any direction.

Moreover, this panel light has a life time up to 50000 hours! An average daily use of 8 hours still gives you well beyond 15 years of use! In turn, this helps you save money with LEDs by not having to replace them as often.

There are  two options you can choose from to help you personalise your panel light a bit too. The first is a choice of 3 colour temperature. Colour temperature is simply a measure of the perceived warmth of the light emitted.

The next option is whether you want dimmable LEDs in your item too. There are also 3 different dimmers available to be able to make use of this function.

Please note that there is only silver frame available for this panel.

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